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The main services of the studio are music production, mixing / mastering & ADR
But we at Lito’s Place can offer our clients a full musical and technical service, such as: song composition, musical arrangements, session musicians and vocalists.

Music Production

We are fully equipped with a range of the best analogue equipment, as well as digital equipment, A major investment has been done at all stages of the signal chain to ensure that our product is of the highest quality, with the use of microphones by Neumann, Sennheiser, DPA, Beyerdynamic amongst others as well as SSL & Avalon pre-amps, and Apogee & Avid AD & DA converters. This enables Lito’s Place to suit all its client’s requirements. 

Transfers & Restorations

Transfers to and from, just about any analogue or digital media: Cassette, Vinyl, Reel to Reel, DAT, Mini Disc & CD’s. Our engineers also restore old recordings to pristine quality.

ADR Studio Facilities

Lito’s Place also offers the service of audio post-production for TV/film. We have the perfect ADR studio space for your project including the latest Pro Tools technology, allowing us to output full HD material.

Studio facilities include Source Connect. Various microphones available including: Sennheiser MKH 40, DPA 4080, Neumann u87i and a 5.1 surround sound system.

Mastering & Duplication

Experience the clarity that professional mastering will bring out in your music.

Our engineers will take your mixes to the next level at a price you can afford, including ISRC codes, and meta-data information, that is essential for a professional mastering.  If Sequencing is needed we can provide an industry standard DDP file download, or final CD by mail.


At Lito’s Place we also offer the service of CD duplication, thus a client can leave the studio with a finished product in hand. This can also be accompanied with in-house CD cover design.

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